Report on ACT Lowland Native Grassland Investigation
by the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment


1. Philip Machlin (pdf, 208KB)

2. Arthur Georges (pdf, 64KB)

3. Rosemary Blemings (pdf, 328KB)

4. Wildlife Carers Group (pdf, 832KB)

5. Australian Society for Kangaroos (pdf, 36KB)

6. Friends of Grasslands (FoG) (pdf, 1.6MB)

7. Limestone Plains Group (pdf, 844KB) - One supporting document for the Limestone Plains Group submission was unable to be added to the website due to number of maps and photos. Please contact the Commissioner's office directly on (02) 6207 2626 or

8. RSPCA ACT and RSPCA Australia (pdf, 60KB)

9. Wildcare - Wildcare have requested that their submissions not be made public.

10. Animal Liberation ACT (pdf, 232KB)

11. Frankie Seymour (pdf, 28KB)

12. Ginninderra Catchment Group and Bush on the Boundary Reference Group (pdf, 432KB)

13. ACT Rural Landholders Association (pdf, 148KB)

14. Jean Geue (pdf, 1.8MB)

15. Neil Williams (pdf, 148KB)

16. North Belconnen Landcare Group (pdf, 56KB)

17. Parks Conservation and Lands (pdf, 828KB)


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