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Gundagai Shire

Gundagai Shire covers an area of approximately 245,770 hectares on the South Western Slopes region of southern NSW.

As of June 2007, some 3851 people lived in Gundagai Shire. (Source Australian Bureau of Statistics comments on years 2001-2007 ABS Catalogue No 3218.0 (2008) Almost 80% of the shire's population lives in the main town in the shire—Gundagai.

The Murrumbidgee flood plain cuts a swathe through Gundagai Shire and Gundagai Township itself— Gundagai Township is linked by two main bridge crossings. Australia’s major highway, the Hume Highway, also cuts through the shire and provides Gundagai with many opportunities for tourism and service industries.

The shire has diverse topography ranging from high mountain country in the east to gentle agricultural areas to the west. Agricultural activities range from sheep and cattle production to cropping. NSW State Forests has a large presence in the shire with many hectares of pine forests currently being grown.

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